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Membership Renewals

Thu, 17 Feb 2022 15:42:15 +0000

The 2022 membership year is now open and all existing members should have received an email containing a payment link by now, if you already have a payment card saved in Sportmember then your membership will automatically renew or you can pay now via the payment overview section in your member profile (check the screenshots below) – If you have forgotten your account details please use the forgotten password link or send a message to Mark - please don't create a new account.

New members can join by clicking on the "Registration" button in the top right of the desktop version of the website. For those who are thinking about signing up for the first time this year, we offer the following types of membership:

  • Family Membership - £110
    • Up to two adults and three U16s in one household
    • Access to all senior road and off-road races for the adults
    • Access to all junior age group races (including Flyers) and certain senior events for U16s (depending on age)

  • Single Membership - £80
    • Access to all senior road and off-road races

  • DH Membership - £40
    • Single membership for Downhill racing series only

  • Junior U18 Membership - £45
    • Access to all junior age group races (not including Flyers) and senior events (depending on age)

  • Delancey Flyers - £40
    • Access to all U16 junior age group races (including Flyers)

  • Non-racing membership - £35
    • For coaches, off-island riders who wish to remain involved with the Club, long term injured riders etc. who won’t be racing

  • GVC Volunteer Membership - Free
    • For those helping at events – marshal duties, race organization, timing etc. but not racing


Senior riders will also require a to buy transponder for either the road/XC timing system (£28) or the DH timing system (£50) depending on the racing they are doing, but these should last a number of years. Transponders aren’t necessary for time trials, hill climbs or U12 races.

If anyone has any questions or would like any further information, get in touch!

To check if you have a card stored or to pay your 2022 Fees - Go to the Sportmember App on your device. 

1. Go to your profile screen

2. Go to Profile Settings. 

3. Tap on Payment Overview

4. If you a card saved, this card will be charged automatically. 

   Otherwise you can tap the Pay button and follow the instructions. 

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