Closed Circuit Road Racing

Closed Circuit Road Racing

From mid-May onwards, we also hold closed circuit road criterium races (Crits) at the Go-Kart Track in Victoria Avenue on alternate Monday evenings. 

These are grouped in British Cycling age categories from U8 through to U14, and comprise of two races at each meet. Racing start at just after 18:00 and we aim to finish just after 19:00 for the older age groups.

Whilst many of the younger riders use flat bar bikes, most riders will be racing on drop bar road style bikes which are subject to age-related gear restrictions to reduce the risk of overuse injury and encourage good pedalling technique and the use of tactics as opposed to bigger gears to go faster.

Our U16 and older riders can take part in our senior Thursday evening closed circuit Road Crits on the dedicated cycling circuit at Delancey Park.

For those who wish to take their racing more seriously, there are several senior events that some of our junior age groups can also take part in: