The Club uses Mylaps transponders for Road Racing and Mountain Bike Circuit racing (XC & Crit). 

If you are new to racing and do not have a transponder you can purchase one through Sportmember by visiting the club shop your transponder will be ready for collection at the next race and will have a subscription valid for a year. You will need to activate your transponder as per the instructions in the box.

Make a diary note of the date you have activated the transponder and create a reminder to renew your subscription after 1 year or it will stop working. 

Transponders with a valid subscription are guaranteed for life.


You will need to renew your transponder subscription annually.  Follow the instructions below.  If you have already created an account and downloaded the Mylaps connect software jump to step 2.

1. Create a Mylaps account. Go to and login. Choose the ATHLETE/RACER option and then follow the sign up instructions. 

2. Go to the MyProducts page and then Register Transponder - enter the number on the front of your Transponder

3. Click on Manage Product and choose the subscription period. You can choose 1 Year/2 Years/5 Years.

4. Once you have bought your subscription you will need to activate your transponder. Download the Mylaps Connect software for you Operating System (Windows or Mac) from this page Download Software (

5. Install the software then plug your transponder into your computer - open the Mylaps connect program and it should automatically detect your transponder and then activate it (you need to renew your subscription for it to activate).

6. Your transponder will now be ready to use for another year (or longer if you have chosen the 2 or 5 year option)

Transponder Replacement

The batteries in the Transponder are not user replaceable. If your transponder has a valid subscription but does not work it will be replaced free of charge by Mylaps. 

To get a replacement transponder - fill out the form on the Mylaps help page 

Support - Athlete Racer (