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2022 Marshal Duties Now Live

Tue, 01 Mar 2022 11:02:11 +0000

2022 Marshalling duties are now available to volunteer for on Sportmember.  We have a slight change this year in that we will be releasing duties in 2 month batches to ensure that all duties are filled. Each club member over the age of 18 is expected to complete 5 duties within the club year. 

To volunteer for a duty. Login to your Sportmember account, tap the Attend button on the race that you want to Marshall, scroll down to Tasks and then tap the + button next to the duty. 

Remember our marshalling system is equitable, by volunteering to marshall you enable other club member to race, and in turn they volunteer to enable you to race. If you have any questions or comments regarding marshalling duties please email

If you volunteer for a duty and subsequently no show then you will be suspended from racing until you have completed a replacement duty. If you can’t fulfil a duty that you have volunteered for it is your responsibility to arrange for another club member to cover that duty. Friends and family covering a duty on your behalf is not allowed.

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