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Marshalling duties live - Monday 1st October 9pm

Sun, 31 Jan 2021 11:18:01 +0000

Marshalling duties will be live on Monday 1st Feb 9pm

Go to Sportmember, choose the event you want to marshall - click the attend  button, and then click on the volunteer for task button.

You need to do 5 duties (3 for dh) - DH set up duties are for Dh only members. 

Please only one person per duty. They are time stamped so the first person to volunteer will have rhe duty. 

Unless we are told otherwise we are still planning on starting road races on 7th March - if the race ( or any subsequent races )postponed the duties will be carried over to the new date. 

Please dont volunteer for a duty before 9pm on Monday - it will be deleted.

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